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Venita's View
1.How to communicate effectively so that you are understood.

2.Seven habits of successful teens.
Venita Garvin Valdez is President of the Garvin Valdez Group, LLC. The Garvin Valdez Group is a full service boutique specializing in workshop and conference event planning for adult women and young women ages 12 – 16. The Garvin Valdez Group also provides grant writing and resource development services to position organizations for assuring the resources needed to fulfill their mission and purpose.

Garvin Valdez has a Masters in Liberal Studies from New York University and a Bachelors of Science degree from Tennessee State University in Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health.

Venita has recently co-authored the book, Becoming Your Own Best Friend. Her chapter on When the Vows Break, How to Handle Divorce is a great blend of her personal story with divorce and measures taken to take care of herself while going through such a life altering experience. Venita has served as State President for the Florida Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club, Inc from 2008-2010, an organization committed to workplace equity for working women. She has been in the arena of violence against women and children for twenty years. She is Chief Executive Officer of the Domestic Abuse Shelter, Inc. serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Florida Keys. She is a member of the Professional Woman Network where she has been certified in Women’s Issues and Cultural Diversity, a Board of Trustee of the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation where she serves as Secretary and Chair of the Development Committee. She is also an advisory board member for the Florida Diversity Council and a member of the Blue Ridge Institute, a leadership institute for Southern Executives.

Venita was a regularly featured guest on Change Thrivers Radio Show. Venita’s segment on the show is titled, Venita’s View. During Venita’s View, she shares thoughts and or information on thought provoking topics happening in our world today. The segment is designed to foster constructive dialogue with persons in the listening audience.

You can reach Venita at